steps to take when wanting to create a family business

steps-to-take-when-wanting-to-create-a-family-businessWhen starting a business and sometimes, when collecting very small companies created with so much effort likely to grow, it is important to start thinking strategically.


But what does it mean to think strategically? There is a little story in the books management that reflect the subtle differences between daily tasks and work out which is the end.


A guy going through the works in construction and realize that there are three operators seem to perform the same task. But it draws attention while the first seems overwhelmed with work, the second is seems happier, the third wearing more enthusiastic and even singing while working.


Curious first approached and said to him that he’s doing this, sullen replied: do you not see it? I put a brick! When he asked the same question a second, very kindly replied: I picked up the wall. He approached third, broke his singing and asked him and you, business finance news  do you do? the answer is: the most important task in my life, by lifting the Cathedral from my people.”


It is the first step in any business: know what our Cathedral.


It’s a mission that everything we do makes sense, it is a dream that makes all the sacrifices that seem a little, is the motor thrust.


How do we find the mission


Many companies is the result of the dream of the founding fathers, who often are not aware of, this is the perfect idea of where You want to go, who want to change his creation.


Sometimes a company grow as lovers how to offer products or services, or by copying the model of business success and growth based on the optimization elements. Companies like life was overwhelmed by every day, continuing to solve the problem, and waiting for the next one. Do not have a full and defined ideas for where they are going.


The Mission of the Organization to define exactly who is the way, which is a daily decision, the purpose of treasures, a beacon to guide us by the route of your choice.


In the book “the seven habits of highly effective human s. Covey shows exercise to define personal goals very clear and mobilize, I think that it can help us in what we try and is more or less like this:


Close your eyes and imagine that you are targeting the funeral, imagine that to ignore the body, a group of people who will say a few words, defining the personality of the deceased.


View of the approach in the coffin is yourself. After the first impression, imagine every one of the speeches. “That you would like to tell you, when it’s no longer, each of these people, his children, his wife, neighbors, bosses, employees, parent.


Each of the speeches you have defined their goals, their mission, their actions every day.


As every organization is a single entity, each should be considered its own statement to determine.


This discussion should take place between the Board of Directors of the company.


The development of these statements will emerge that will set the values, that culture must be cultivated, that structure will be needed, organized system to perform.


All these processes lead to define the Organization’s mission.


It should be noted, are written and known by everyone involved in any way with the company. Employees, to know how to act in every day; providers, to know that the values that are being negotiated; Customers, to find out what to expect from the company and the community, to know that the contributions received.


This is a form of commitment to everyone and ourselves, those are the principles that determine every decision.


Some examples of


With the company I had to help, we always start with the definition of the mission, many times owners aren’t aware of know which roads and even where to go, have dreams that push them but for itching

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