Legal requirements to open a business on the Internet

legal-requirements-to-open-a-business-on-the-internetTo create your own business online, you need to follow a series of steps so that your activity meets the legal requirements to open your business through the network correctly. Legal requirements to open a business on the Internet
Legal steps to open a business on the Internet


The first step that should give every online entrepreneur who is the same as the rest of the self-employed worker. Therefore, the first step to open Online store in the same open other types of businesses, and are:
Set up a company or register autonomous regime in


Because in most of the cases are people who perform the activity, it is normal that the person registering on the special scheme for self-employed workers or a kind of community that enables you to perform economic activities across the entire network.


If you will be selling your own product, as a freelancer, don’t forget that you have to sign up for social security.
The choice of tax system


As any other self-employed, you must register on the business tax (IAE), Census of high taxation and choice and finally if you haven’t already, sign up for the special regime for self-employed social security. You must be clear whether the steps that must be followed to register as a freelancer to do it right.


In the case that you choose for your company, business finance news you have to have very clear whether the procedure for setting up a company.


In short, to sell over the Internet, basically you have to meet the necessary requirements of a physical store or the self-employed, except for the amount of the tax and licensing procedures and payment obliged it to physical stores.
Requirements to open an online store


In addition, there are a series of specific obligations or legal requirements that must be met in order to open a business on the Internet, and related to the particular Act of electronic commerce in Spain. Online businesses must comply with the law as follows:
The law of information society services and electronic commerce:


Forced to meet a series of requirements for the website owner or store via the network. Among other things this Act prohibits the sending of email (spam) advertising character that the user has not yet agreed, in addition to forcing the online retailer to explain in detail the sales process (conditions, deadlines, claims …).
The organic law of protection of personal data


This Act regulates all companies and professionals that have the customer personal data they need to register with the data protection agency.
Commercial law retail management


This law regulates distance sales, when the two sides are not able to physically and at the same time during the completion of the transaction. Among other things, regulating credit card payments.
General conditions of contract law


This legislation refers and try to make sure that there are conditions that are fair and reasonable contract between buyer and seller.

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