How to create a business online stores in 10 steps and 3 months a success

how-to-create-a-business-online-stores-in-10-steps-and-3-months-a-successYou plan to create an online store but don’t dare to investments that could cause this? You want to make your own work and you don’t know how to do it? You want to start making money online on your own and want to work hard at it?
The article title may be a bit exaggerated, because to make an online store if it’ll make you need a small investment of the economy, and above all a great investment in the form of time, but I wanted to convey the idea that it’s possible to make e-commerce business without the need for major economic investments.
As you know, today is possible to sell products over the Internet for everyone. It is also possible to create a store without the need for computer skills. Wholesalers or dropshippers can submit their products directly to your customers. There is enough information online to learn the basics of online marketing, and the company is how we put very easy when it comes to implementing an effective system of Paypal payments. So, what is the reason to learn how to mount the online store that you want to?
I will summarize the process of creating an online store in 10 steps, very short and above, to give you an idea of what would be needed to start selling from your own online store:
1 Select a domain name and your online store
This is one of the most interesting of all the parties to the project, so I put at the beginning to encourage staff. A good name choice is very important in the online store. The name and the domain must be able to remember and write with ease, to be as brief as possible and if possible be descriptive.
In the case of a domain, if it also contains some of our keywords, it will help us put ourselves in the search engines for those terms. internet business articles or ice if you only sell to Spain.
2 choose a good hosting company
This is almost the only investment you have to do to get your online store, so don’t be stingy and looking for companies that offer quality and guarantee hosting.
The speed of your online store is key, both for users and for positioning on search engines. Slow page make your users get tired of waiting and left the page, while Google, for example, penalize the old page x seconds to load by sending them to the bottom of the search results. In fact you have to pay more in Adwords by having a slow website!
Make sure that Your hosting company will guarantee you a space for Your online shop and a good connection speed. Hiring a good hosting service you will also avoid unnecessary server falls and you can have your store is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
3 select Dropshipper guarantee
Diagram of the process of drop ship store, from the purchase of the product by the customer to be sent by the supplier
Some time ago we explained how the dropshipping method. Basically this is a wholesaler or a distributor, send direct products that our customers have bought in our online shop to your home. Obviously, Wholesale dropshipper will send products without signs of your company, adding your own invoice package if desired.
In this way, customers are both satisfied and we avoid investing in stock product, or worry about logistics. Dropshipping companies will take from all of this.
Logically, the margin usually will not be as great as if we buy the first product, but to start e-commerce business, began to have customers and see how it all works, I see him how the ideal solution for those who are not able to invest in a large number of products.
There are many Wholesale dropshippers list, make sure you choose one of these warranties, perform tests before you sell directly to your customers, and keep whatever is preferred if you have to change.
4. use a good CMS for e-commerce
Nowadays there are many CMS for e-commerce, completely free and completely reliable. They all were designed larger or smaller so they can be used by non-technical people too much. In addition, to being open source tools and is known by a large number of professionals, there are many companies and freelancers that are a reasonable price can retouch or expand their functions that you can do yourself.
Don’t want to live or get into the comparison, to a project or the store without too much hassle, I would choose without hesitation Prestashop, due in large part to its ease of use, but also because of the “light position.

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